9 Watt Led Rock Light Single Pod Red

9 Watt Led Rock Light Single Pod Red

  • Available in 5 Different Colors 
  • Ultra Bright 9W LEDs
  • Flat and Tube Mounting Hardware Included for Easy Installation
  • 14ft. Cable Length
  • Description

    The Vision X LED Rock Lights feature 9 watts per pod of earth blazing light. Mount these waterproof LED underbody lights on the gunnel to gain the best visibility and style. Offered in a single 9 Watt light, a 4-Light 36 Watt Kit or a 6-Light 54 Watt Kit, each kit comes with a flat-mount and tube mount base for each pod to aid an easy installation.

    IMPORTANT: Single pods are designed to be powered individually and do not plug into 4/6 pod kits. 


    4-Year Warranty