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FV North American

Updated: May 10, 2019

The F/V North American is one of the commercial crab fishing boats featured on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch. The boat is owned by Erling Skaar. Both sons of Erling Skaar, Sten and John Skaar, work the boat. We had the oportunity to work with Elmore Electric to modernize the vessle's lighting to LED.

The factory HPS lights were replaced with 280 Watt LED fixtures specifically designed to outperform the OEM lighting with less maintenance and 70% less power consumption.

In addition to the mast lighting the rear deck was converted as well to make a dynamic difference on how this boat will be able work in the dark.

Learn more about thier Highliner Lighting below

The Importance of Quality Lighting

Quality lighting, whether measured in amount, color, or intensity, is a critical requirement for any success-minded commercial mariner. Choosing the right type of light that meets standards for illumination set by either regulatory groups or by seat-of-the-pants experience can be a challenge for many vessel owners, frequently resulting in inadequate light and dangerous working conditions for the ship's crew.

LED Outshines The Competition

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are appearing on more and more commercial vessels, but good information remains elusive.  Elmore Electric penned an article for Fishermen's News that helps customers better understand this LED technology and make an informed business decision about which lights to purchase.  You can download the full article here: 📷Fishermen's News Article Reprint Nov 2014 re LED.pdf

As the article notes, the benefits to moving to LED can be significant - lower operating costs per generator kilowatt hour, higher crew productivity and lower maintenance costs, and improved crew safety head the list.  One simple change is to ensure that your deck lights mimic daylight.  To the right, you can see where a 1,000W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light used as a deck light masks colors despite the significant light horsepower - while at the far right, a daylight-colored LED light consuming just 15% of the power does a much better job of illuminating a working area. 

Working with Elmore Electric, you can plan how to shift to LED lighting with confidence - we will help you create a plan that takes your budget and timing priorities into account, and maximizes your on-the-water performance.

Value, Core, and XL

Elmore Electric has created a new set of lights under the HIGHLINER brand to meet all of your LED lighting needs.  Our Value line of reflector-based designs allows you to move to efficient LED lighting at a great price, and carries a 1 year warranty.

Our Core line of individual optically-lensed LEDs enable a more tailored aiming of the light pattern to your specific work areas, and provide a great balance between our Value floodlights and our fully customizable XL line.  HIGHLINER Core lights carry a 3 year warranty.

HIGHLINER XL is our flagship line, and is the most rugged and powerful set of lights in the market.  With Teflon-coated housings, treated polycarbonate lenses, 316 grade stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware, and an IP69K rating from the IEC, the XL line will give you complete peace of mind and a 100,000 hour lifetime. Download our HIGHLINER product family sheet here: 📷HIGHLINER Product Family Sheet.pdf

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Replacement

​Working closely with VisionX USA, Elmore Electric announced the first true LED replacement for 1,000W HPS lights.  The HIGHLINER XL-300W-2800K light combines the engineering prowess of VisionX with the deep industry and customer knowledge of Elmore Electric.  Using Cree 5W LEDs tuned to a fog, snow, and rain-cutting 2800 Kelvin color and a unique lensing pattern, the resulting light has more than double the light intensity of a 1000W HPS at 500 ft., while ensuring a broad spread of light near the vessel.  

For more information about this revolutionary light, download the product sheet here:  📷HIGHLINER HPS Replacement LED - The HX-300W-2800K.pdf

Installation Services

In addition to offering LED lights to purchase, Elmore Electric can manage all aspects of installation.

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