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ZPMC Gantry Crane Retrofit

Updated: May 10, 2019

ZPMC is a famous equipment manufacturing company whose main products includes large-scale container machinery and bulk cargo handing machine, offshore heavy-duty products, heavy-duty steel structures, energy-conservative and environment-friendly equipment and relative accessories. ZPMC is the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world and owns 26 transportation ships of capacity from 60,000 DWT to 100,000 DWT, delivering products to all over the world.

Required maintained illumination levels:

Location Description Illumination Level

Stairs, ladders, walkways, platforms 50 Lux

Machinery house(s) 300 Lux

Operator’s cabin 300 Lux

Maintenance cabin 200 Lux

Electrical rooms 300 Lux

Electrical cabinets 200 Lux

Ground level below crane 200 Lux

All maintenance areas for machinery 150 Lux

Logo on machinery house 150 Lux

Boom latch 100 Lux

Here's our 3D digital rendering of the crane showing false color levels (key below):

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